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      reusable bamboo cotton pads



      The reusable bamboo cotton pads by grums are an eco-conscious alternative to single-use cotton pads made of 60 % bamboo fibers and 40 % cotton. Each of these double-sided, three-layer pads provide a gentle exfoliation on one side and ultra softness on the other side. The bamboo fibres have an impressive absorption ability while the cotton gently rubs and cleans your skin. The reusable cotton pads can hold for up to 1000 washes depending on type of wash and usage. Laundry bag for washing and practical storage in your bathroom included.


      • A sustainable alternative to single use pads
      • Double sided (one soft side + one terry side)
      • Machine washable


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      Additional information

      Weight 1 kg
      Dimensions 20 × 12 × 35 cm

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