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Responsible packaging

Packaging is so much more than a container.

We strive to be your go-to eco-friendly brand, and
care about, not only what’s inside our tubes and bottles, but also everything that surrounds our products – the packaging.

Picking out the right packaging is all about ‘stop talking and start walking’. But how exactly do we do this? Just read on.

Wrapped in sugar

Wrapping our products in sugar just seemed right (odd but right). We chose this solution because this packaging wasn’t just the right size, practical and great looking, but also more sustainable than conventional packaging solutions.

Our tubes are 86% plant-based, made from sugar canes. This material causes much lower carbon emission than conventional plastic production, making it an eco-friendly alternative and a great fit for grums’ packaging.

All of our packaging for our scrubs are made from plant-based plastic indicated by the ‘I’m Green’ symbol.

How to recycle

Our tubes are recyclable and ready to go into your normal recycling routines for plastic.

Infinite recycling with glass

Glass is mainly made from sand and is one of the only recyclable materials that can be reused infinite times without loss in quality or purity. Not too shabby. Even though glass requires more energy to produce, the fact that it’s 100%
recyclable makes it a great eco-friendly alternative. To ensure infinite recycling, our serum bottle is made from glass, more specifically from amber glass, which is the cleanest glass available.

How to recycle

Separate the glass bottle and the dropper.

The glass bottle is 100% recyclable. Give it a quick rinse, and it’s ready to go into your normal recycling.

The dropper pipette can go into your normal recycling routines for plastic.


Our toothbrush handles are made 100% from bamboo, which is both eco-friendly and biodegradable. Bamboo has an amazing growth rate compared to other plants and doesn’t need toxic chemicals to grow. This makes it a great eco-friendly alternative to both wooden and especially plastic materials. Our toothbrush packaging is, of course, 100% biodegradable as well!

We all use our toothbrushes extensively to recharge our smiles and take care of our mouths. Therefore, it’s important to replace your toothbrush regularly to maintain good oral health and prevent bacteria from building up in the bristles. By using eco-friendly materials, like bamboo, the environmental impact can be kept at a minimum.

How to recycle

The outer packaging is 100% recyclable and ready to go into your normal recycling routines.

Decompose it

To decompose your toothbrush, you need to strip the handle and bristles from each other. Remove the bristles from the toothbrush. Use a pair of tweezers and start pulling. Put the bristles into a plastic recycling bin.

Now you’re left with the bristle-free toothbrush handle, ready for disposal. Put it in a commercial composter near you. You can also leave it in your home composting bin or put it into your fireplace if you have one of these options available.

Reuse it

Last but not least, a better alternative is to reuse it and give it a second life. Recycle your toothbrush and use it as a small cleaning brush. This little scrubbing device can be used for cleaning tricky spots, your shoes, laundry, keyboard, and so on. The recycling possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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