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How we develop skincare

Product development

At grums, we do not launch a wide range of new products every quarter, like many other skin care brands, as we wish to offer you truly unique and thoroughly tested products. Something that you will not find anywhere else. Every product is developed in collaboration with chemists and laboratory technicians – and more importantly; our test panel of loyal grums customers.

A process of repetition

The development process takes place on Djursland. Each process starts by defining the standards and criteria the products must live up to – and efficacy and sustainability are always paramount.

At step two the first product sample is assembled. The sample is then sent out to approx. 50 people from our test panel, who evaluate the product on a wide range of parameters. We then evaluate the result of the test to determine whether we are satisfied with the result, or if something calls for further optimization. The process of developing samples and performing multiple tests is repeated over and over until we are satisfied with the result.

To give you an idea of how long this process can be, during the development of the hydra calm face cream, we needed to repeat the process a full 14 times before we reached the desired result. So, each product has to go through the eye of a needle, in order to live up to all standards and criteria. No exceptions.

Watch the video and hear Nils Erik Aamann from our partner, Nardos Cosmeceuticals, tell more about the development of our products (and how demanding he thinks we are, on a scale from 1 to 10 😉).

Transparent skincare

It is our wish for grums to be a transparent alternative in a world of skin care products, which can often seem muddy and difficult to see through.

We therefore invite you to join us behind the sceen through our videos and photos, to show you the whole process – from picking up coffee grounds at La Cabra Coffee Roasters, to processing and performing quality tests at our very own Coffee Lab, to the development of the products. You can follow each step here on our website, on Instagram and Facebook.

Furthermore, you can always find translations of every ingredient we use in our skin care products. The translations will explain what the statutory ingredient names – called “INCI” – really means and how they contributed to the efficacy and safety of the product.

Watch co-founder, Simon Christensen, tell how and why we work to create full transparency at grums.