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Would you like to offer your costumers high-quality and sustainable skincare and lifestyle products?

Send us a message here, and we will contact you soon.

    We are always looking for new dealers all around the world.

    As a grums dealer you can offer your customers unique skincare and lifestyle products, created from sustainable principles and high-quality ingredients and materials.

    Integrity & philosophy

    Our scrubs contain upcycled coffee grounds from local cafés in our hometown, Aarhus, Denmark.

    The coffee grounds are then mixed with the highest quality ingredients, carefully selected based on the following criteria:

    // No ingredients may be considered harmful to neither the environment nor users of our products.

    // Ingredients are selected on the basis of their high quality, functionality and effect on the skin.

    // Before any of our products are launched we perform several in-depth, qualitative and quantitative user surveys.

    // Furthermore, we commit ourselves to being transparent, honest and uncompromising in every part of our business – from collecting coffee grounds and selecting ingredients, to the use of sustainable packaging and the use of local production facilities.

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