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Why fragrance free?

Why is grums fragrance free?

Extensive research have proven that fragrance, both natural and synthetic, is a common skin sensitizer for all skin types. This is why neither perfumes nor essential oils are a part of our mission to take care of your skin.

We know that adding fragrance to skincare products can have a positive impact on your purchase decision and your experience using our products. Nevertheless, we find that caring for your skin health, without any compromize, is of much greater importance.

Why is fragrance a problem for skin?

Fragrance works by a vaporizing action that causes a sensitizing reaction in the skin triggering negative responses such as inflammation and increased oxidative stress which can cause premature skin aging and irritation.

Sensitized skin is also more likely to respond with an allergic reaction than healthy skin. Once an allergic reaction has occured, it is memorized by the immune system, which will trigger a new reaction each time the skin is expose to the fragrance that caused the allergy.

Fragrance can be great for your nose – but never for your skin.