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Product carbon footprint

At grums, we are dedicated to ensuring that our production has a minimal impact on the environment. That is why we focus on our Product carbon footprint, which measures the total amount of CO2 emitted in the entire production process – from raw materials to finished product.

We believe that by taking responsibility for our environmental impact and taking action, we can make a positive difference in the world. That is why we take pride in working purposefully to reduce our Product carbon footprint.

We focus on energy efficiency in our production, choose environmentally friendly transport methods, and optimize our packaging so that it is as sustainable as possible. In this way, we can continue to deliver high-quality products to our customers, while at the same time ensuring that we take responsibility for our environment.

We want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, and we hope that our customers will appreciate our commitment to sustainability. When you choose grums skin care products, you can be sure that you are getting both quality and conscientious production.

What is product carbon footprint?

But what exactly is a product carbon footprint? Simply put, it is a measure of the CO2 emissions produced throughout the life cycle of a product.

Measuring a product’s carbon footprint involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of all the activities involved in its life cycle. This analysis takes into account factors such as energy use, transportation, waste management, and the sourcing of raw materials. By quantifying the emissions associated with each stage, we can identify hotspots and prioritize efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

How do we measure a product’s carbon footprint?

Reducing the carbon footprint of our products is a complex endeavor that requires collaboration across our entire supply chain. It involves making sustainable choices at every step, from sourcing raw materials responsibly to optimizing manufacturing processes, improving energy efficiency, and minimizing waste.

At grums. we take great care to accurately measure and report the carbon footprint of our products. To maintain consistency and adhere to industry best practices, we utilize the GWP100 standard in our carbon footprint calculations. GWP100, which stands for Global Warming Potential over a 100-year time horizon, is a widely accepted metric used to assess the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on climate change. It provides a framework for comparing the warming potential of different gases and helps us understand the long-term effects of these emissions.

By adopting the GWP100 standard, we align ourselves with recognized scientific consensus and international protocols such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This allows us to provide accurate and comparable information about our product carbon footprints, enabling our customers to make informed choices.

To ensure transparency and accountability, we work with third-party organizations to independently verify and certify our product carbon footprint calculations. These certifications provide our customers with reliable information about the environmental impact of our products.

the kind hand soap

Sustainabilty Information

Product Volume: 500 ml
Uses per products: 250

Carbon Footprint

Pre-manufacturing: 0.84 gCO2e
Production: 0.04 gCO2e
Distribution: 0.21 gCO2e

Packaging and Recycling

Packaging Material: Bottle: 100% Recycled PET (PCR) Pump: Aluminium, PE
Recycling Instructions: Separate spring from pump. Recycle the spring as metal and the rest of the pump as hard plastic. Fill the soap again with our refill version – alternatively, the bottle is recycled as hard plastic.
grums the kind hand soap refill 1 liter
the kind hand soap refill bag

Sustainabilty Information

Product Volume: 1000 ml
Uses per products: 500

Carbon Footprint

Pre-manufacturing: 0.84 gCO2e
Production: 0.04 gCO2e
Distribution: 0.19 gCO2e

Packaging and Recycling

Packaging Material: Pouch: 100% PET Recyclability: 100%
Recycling Instructions: Separate the spout from the bag. Recycle the spout as hard plastic and the bag as soft plastic
grums restore + glow coffee oil
restore + glow coffee oil

Sustainabilty Information

Product Volume: 15 ml
Uses per products: 100

Carbon Footprint

Pre-manufacturing: 0.00 gCO2e
Production: 0.49 gCO2e
Distribution: 0.02 gCO2e

Packaging and Recycling

Packaging Material: Bottle: Glass Pipette: Glass, Rubber, HDPE
Recycling Instructions: Separate pipette from holder. Recycle pipette and bottle as glass. Recycle holder as plastic. Recycle rubber accordingly