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La Cabra x grums

A conscious collab

The coffee grounds used in all of our skincare products are collected directly from La Cabra’s own coffee bars in Aarhus. This is how your delicious cup of coffee from La Cabra gets a new lease of life – and is transformed into sustainable skincare.

La Cabra

La Cabra is a Danish, modern coffee company established in Aarhus in 2012. Today the passionate team of La Cabra runs 2 coffee bars, a bakery, and their own roastery. La Cabra creates bright and transparent coffee experiences in cities across the globe. Worldwide coffee-lovers can enjoy a cup of high-quality coffee that’s true to its place of origin and the underlying value chain.

Attention to quality

La Cabra pays significant attention to quality, and they constantly seek to improve in everything that they do and be as transparent as possible in the process. They pay close attention to their raw materials, make sure their coffee is created under the best circumstances possible, and roast with the aim to highlight the coffee’s innate & finest qualities.

Complete transparency in each stage

We love that La Cabra shares our passion for quality, sustainability, and transparency and that it’s an integral part of their value chain. Not only is a delicious cup of coffee from La Cabra transformed into sustainable skincare products – but you’re also guaranteed complete transparency and attention to quality in each stage of the process.

From La Cabra coffee grounds to premium skincare

Every 3-4 days we collect coffee grounds from La Cabra’s two coffee bars in Aarhus. As always, we’ll dry and make quality check of all of our coffee grounds before blending them with the carefully picked, natural ingredients in each of our products.