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      laundry wash bundle



      The Laundry Wash Bundle from På Stell makes sure of everything you need for your laundry. The three products are organic and environmentally friendly and you can therefore use them all with a clear conscience.


      • Gentle on sensitive skin and has an antistatic and emollient effect
      • Organic, vegan and biodegradable
      • Free from synthetic perfume, chemicals and palm oil


      With the lemon and wool wash you will for sure get clean laundry whether it is cotton, linen, wool, white or dyed. There is also no need to use fabric softener, as the detergents are made from natural oils, which cleanse, soften and are antistatic. In addition you also get the original effective lemon soap so you can remove your stains.


      The bundle contains:

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      How to use

      Lemon Wash Soap Flakes

      We recommend 1 tbsp. pr. wash, which corresponds to 10 g. pr. 5 liters of water.
      Provides about 50 washes.


      Wool Wash

      We recommend using 1 tbsp. for half a machine wash. (The stopper on the bottle corresponds to 1 tbsp.
      If you wash by hand we recommend 1 tsp.


      Lemon Soap Bar / Small

      1. Rub the soap on the stain with warm water (as hot as the fabric recommends).
      2. If it is an old stain that is already dry – leave the clothes for a few hours for the soap to work properly.
      3. Finally, simply rinse the clothes or wash in the machine.

      The lemon soap is also great for washing your hands to keep your hands clean and soft while contributing with antibacterial properties.

      Check the video guide here.


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